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Self Storage
Holding Patterns
Selected Group Exhibitions

Amy Stober

Amy Stober
b. 1994, New Jersey, USA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, USA

BFA Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD, 2016

Solo and Two Person Exhibitions
Forthcoming, Ditto with Emma Schwartz, Hesse Flatow, New York, NY, 2024
Self Storage [Solo], A.D Gallery, New York City, NY, 2022
Holding Patterns [Solo], Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 2021
A Living Landscape of Primordial Splendor with Anna Topuriya, curated by C. Klockner, bb, Baltimore, MD, 2015

Selected Group Exhibitions
Mickey, Mickey, Chicago, IL, 2023
The Artificial Silk Girl, Brunette Coleman, London, UK, 2023
Sinkhole Project is Presenting:, Mickey, Chicago, IL, 2022
Elective Affinities, Chapter NY, New York, NY, 2022
May My Fiction Rule, Chris Andrews, Montreal, Canada, 2022
Electric Affinities, T293 Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2022
One Work - One Week - One Piece, Curated by Daisy Sanchez, New York, NY, 2022
Baltimore Museum of Art Salon : Springsteen Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 2020
Desk Show, Collisions Craft, Baltimore, MD, 2020
U.L.O: Sinkhole Project, "Friends of the Hole" in conjunction with "Bar Art", Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY, 2019
The Family I, curated by Underground Flower, The Estate, Highgate, Australia, 2019
Shake Tomorrow, 891 N Main, Providence, RI, 2019
Watch This Bumper Crumple, Collisions Craft, Round Falls, Baltimore, MD, 2019
Toxoplasma Grannii Maybe with Joe Speier and Claude Eigan, curated by Christina Gigglioti, Catbox Contemporary, Queens, NY, 2018
Aurelia, Resort, Baltimore, MD. 2018
Inaugural Show, Sinkhole Project, in conjunction with performance by Just Another System, Baltimore, MD, 2017

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